Considerations Before Choosing a Business VoIP Service

You have decided to upgrade your small to mid-sized business (SMB) for business VoIP services (VoIP) but you wonder where to start. There are an amazing group of business VoIP systems out there, but each has a different set of features and different price structures so choosing one can be difficult.

There is a wide online choice for business users, but it does not mean you should automatically run to their website to buy it. So, you should do your homework to make sure you select a good business voip in australia that is right for your particular business.

With that in mind, and to help you celebrate National Small Business Week, we’ve compiled this list of¬†things you need to consider before choosing a business VoIP system for your SMB.

1. Plans and Pricing

We might as well start with the most important characteristics: cost. What is good is to choose business VoIP service with all the bells and whistles if you can not afford? Fonality starts at $ 19.99 per user per month for its barebones system. It gives you access to unlimited calling, basic queuing service for incoming calls, and auto attendant.

2. Smartphone Integration through Custom Applications

Your staff may be traveling at least some of the time, so you will want a VoIP service that can travel with them. Unfortunately, not all VoIP providers offer mobile applications and services that provide the same value as a desktop application. All the systems we reviewed offer solid mobile applications, but be careful because this is not an industry standard.

3. Call Routing and Call Management

Fonality offers extended services similar to what you find in a call center for big-box retailers. This option lets you do things like route calls from one rep to another after several rings, a touch or voice menu, or hold calls in a queue until they are answered. Obviously, you focus videoconferencing VoIP system will not provide this kind of value.