Digestive Issues And Where They May Be Coming From

Most of us can attest that digestive issues are no fun at all. Whether it be heartburn, ulcers or poor digestion, when these issues arise it takes a toll on the quality of our lives. In order to understand issues in your digestive system you must first understand the digestive system as a whole. Your digestive system is a long tube that begins at your mouth and ends at your anus. It’s purpose is to break down your food and extract energy and nutrients from it. Your throat, stomach, esophagus, duodenum and intestines are all modifications of the system. 

After your food is chewed and swallowed, it travels down the esophagus to the stomach where one of the most powerful acids known, hydrochloric acid, dissolves your food. If not for the thick layer of mucus that covers the stomach’s inner walls, this acid would dissolve through the other organs in your body. When we suffer from issues in our digestive system such as heartburn, gastritis, dyspepsia, ulcers or pyloric stenosis it is often due to acids or food in the tracts not going where they are supposed to be and furthermore creating larger issues within our bodies. 

Digestive problems are often poorly understood and medical care is often directed at treating symptoms with drugs rather than finding the root of the cause. The issue with this approach is that people often begin to believe the problem is gone and as they prolong seeking alternative help, the issue begins to worsen. As a general rule it is important to avoid medical drug therapy and/or surgery as much as possible and to discover more natural forms of healthcare. 

One common and successful alternative to digestive issues is the chiropractic approach. A chiropractor analyzes your spinal column for vertebral misalignments and subluxations which damage your nerves and can interfere with the communication between your brain and your organs, including those of your digestive system. Every component of your digestive system requires a healthy nerve supply from your spine in order to function properly. A spinal adjustment allows more proper communication to these organs and balances the body to perform more efficiently. 

Aside from spinal health, another link to digestive issues is a lack of hydration. Simply drinking more water has shown to help correct several digestive problems including constipation, ulcers colitis and dyspepsia. Many people are often dehydrated and are not aware of it so it is important to hydrate throughout the day even when you aren’t feeling thirsty. 

Digestive issues can be tricky and when we are experiencing them it is completely natural to want to take medicine to make the pain or discomfort go away. Just remember that our bodies are trying to tell us that something is wrong when we are experiencing these discomforts. Make sure to properly hydrate yourself and if the problems persist then look into alternative treatments at your local wellness center.

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