UAVs and Drones Used By Soliders

The peaceniks are very controversial about the military use of drones. Some say that this is just the beginning and that soon these UAVs will think for themselves, and will no longer be really controlled by a remote pilot.

The self-contained drone systems can search for targets, confirm targets, kill targets, record the massacre and return home to the base, refuel and again go to war area until there are more targets, enemies or terrorists – all without risking human lives in combat. You can navigate to to know more about drone technology.

Okay, many are not convinced and ask; Why do we use drones or UAVs for everything they ask? Well, let me answer this question with some facts if you allow me, because the subject of “drone ethics” is a recurring theme in our think tank.


1. Drone Warfare saves lives of soldiers.

2. Drone Warfare is effective.

3. Drone Warfare has a human in the loop.

4. The drones do not target civilians.

5. Human shields used by the enemy consist of deliberately sacrificing civilians (collateral damage argument).

6. The enemies try to use the global media as a force to stop soldiers from using the drone war

7. The fact that enemies do not like the drone war proves that it works.

8. UAVs and UAS have many positive benefits in terms of transfer technology for the private sector.

9. Drones allow us to cover more surfaces.

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