Top reasons to not miss an amazing tour in Japan


Japan is far more than just the robotic technology they possess. Japan is also famous for tourism and skyscrapers. The range of visiting locations ranges from tranquil bamboo and neon arcades of serene temples. The options also include incredible food options they provide, the politeness every commoner carry and the efficiency. Let us see some of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan and bring back the experience of a lifetime.

  1. Kyoto –This should be the priority, if you have one day, just make it to Kyoto. It is all about traditional, teahouse, bamboo forest, temples, shrines and grace-filled ceremonies.
  2. Tokyo – It is what the country is known for, the ultramodern architecture, the pace of the city and the skyscrapers.
  3. Takayama – It is an utterly gorgeous town having historic centers, traditional houses, shrines, bright-colored bridges and much more.
  4. Hakone – Often covered with cloud, this is the site seeing the location of Japan. Mount Fuji, cooked Black egg on hot Sulphur, and the sculpture gallery.
  5. Kanazawa – The biggest cities need attention with wandering at Kenroku-en Garden, Wooden teahouses, and the exquisite Gyokusen-en Gardens.
  6. Nikko – The UNESCO stated world heritage for the majestic mountains which is a few hours from Tokyo is not bad for Japan tour deals.
  7. Koya-San – It is termed the most interesting place, the forest covering sacred temples in the mountains of Kansai, great to click pictures with monks.
  8. Hiroshima – Pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing. The place is good to see museums and the history of World War 2.

A planned tour in Japan is going to be the best gift for your family. Make the best of it.

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