Savvy Investors are eyeing on Novena Royal Square

The Royal Square is a ninety nine year leasehold property that is being developed at the junction of Irrawaddy and Thomson roads in District 12, Singapore. This property is situated in one of Singapore’s most prestigious estates, the Novena estate. It is a one of a kind building as it has a unique mixture of commercial and medical suites.
The Royal Square building will be made of 33-storeys with 772 units upon its completion. 25 of its units will be rental shops, 26 units will be restaurants and the remaining 171 units will be medical suites. This will make it a good choice for all kinds of people who want to start different types of businesses or investments in this region.
This shopping mall + medical clinic are being developed by the Hoi Hup Sunway developing company situated in Singapore. Hoi Hup Sunway is one of the best property development companies in Singapore. It is known for its high quality services and for the expertise that its employees employ while doing their duties. This therefore means that this property will be one of the best and it will fulfill all kinds of people’s needs as it is being developed by experts in this field. There are many other reasons that make this property a top-notch property and why people should consider buying some of its units. Some of these reasons are:
It is located close to some of the major transport routes and stations in Singapore. This makes it a good place for setting up any type of business. This is because the location of a business matters a lot in its success. Businesses that are located close to transport routes or that are accessible by people from all parts of the country are more likely to succeed and yield enormous profits as compared to those that are located in remote or inaccessible areas. You should therefore consider getting yourself a unit in this building complex once its construction is complete as you will benefit a lot from its accessibility. Some of the major transport routes that are located close to this condominium are: NS20 Novena MRT station that is 0.1 kilometers away
from it, the Pan Island Expressway, the Central Expressway (CTE), the Little India MRT, the Farrer Park MRT and the Newton MRT. In addition to this, this building is located in an estate. This too makes it a good place for business as an estate has lots of people. It is these people who will buy from your business or who will seek whichever kind of services that you will be offering. This therefore means that you will not miss a market for your goods or services.