Never Leave Home without These Emergency Items

This article will list the items and then explain each item that can be used in emergency situations. Start with a quality multi-tool / knife. Make sure the tool has a file, pliers with wire cutters, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, bottle and can openers.

Paracord bracelet jig worn on the wrist total length of 550 paracords used to make bracelets depending on size. You can expect six feet of cable for a small, 10 feet for medium / large and up to 15 feet for an extra-large bracelet.

Multi-tools can be carried in your pocket or in a sheath attached to your belt. This tool has several uses and depending on the model, it may contain additional blades such as saw blades, scissors, and leather or fabric awl/punch with thread holes.

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Paracord bracelet is an ideal way to bring spun with you. You can use the ropes for emergency fishing and help build a shelter or safe for backpack gear. Paracord can be broken into small pieces for fishing and for heavy-duty stitching.

Paper clips can be done on a neck chain or key chain and used for emergency fishhooks and an emergency sewing needle. Make the needle with one end bent over in a circle and you can sharpen the tip using a file attached to a multi-tool.

Use to perform emergency repairs to your clothing or gear. Use a knife blow to the multi-tool to make a hole in a heavy cloth or leather and then run the improvised needle with thread/strand paracord inserted through the holes to sew items together.