Parking Lot Maintenance: Parking Lot Say A Lot About Your Business

When was the last time you see your parking? You need to look at it – from the perspective of customers, visitors, or the citizens?

For many businesses, often the hired parking lot or facility manager does not take notice until it becomes a problem. If customers or tenants began to complain, or worse, do not come back to your facility because of poor repair of the parking lot, you have a big problem.

So, how do you keep up with the maintenance and repair of asphalt for parking you to keep visitors happy in your business? You need to find and hire a leading paving contractor in Harrisburg that offers a preventive maintenance plan.


Here is a brief list of some things you and your paving contractor should be alert to your parking area:

Pot Holes:

Potholes caused tremendous wear and tear on the vehicle and a safety hazard for pedestrians. Repair the holes can be easily fixed by simply cleaning loose debris and filled with an asphalt patch.

A drainage problem:

Is the water sitting in the parking lot after a rainstorm? Do you often have to strategically jump in a huge puddle just to reach the sidewalk or in and out of your car? You can evaluate the paving contractor drainage problem and fix the drainage problem.

Traffic Signal fading:

Parking line is visible? Pedestrians and motorists can clearly see the pedestrian and other traffic signs such as stop lines? Line striping design and markings ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.

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