Is Your Healthcare Organization GST Ready?

All business verticals are currently facing hurdles in making the transition from a multiple taxation system to a stringent and organized tax structure. But the healthcare industry has reasons to celebrate since the government has decided to excused healthcare from GST.

However, the industry will still witness quite a significant disruption over the coming months because of the complete revisions in their business models that the tax, accounting, and financial operations of healthcare stakeholders would necessitate.

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Moreover, since some of the healthcare affiliates – the pharma and medical devices industries – and some of the services would still come under GST’s purview, the healthcare landscape is definitely going through an upheaval. Let’s look at some of the GST-related changes in healthcare.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services delivered by hospitals, clinics, and other health-related organizations are exempted from GST. This move is expected to allow the vertical to focus on developing innovative technologies that enable timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Hospitals might also be required to absorb the effect of some of the expected increase in cost – especially for medications. It’s definitely clear that, despite the GST discharges for healthcare, there are indeed significant exceptions and the rules of the landscape have changed – it’s not just a simple change you need to make in your invoicing system. The healthcare players clearly need to ramp up their technological infrastructure to become GST compliant.

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