How To Get The Best Discount From Inz Residences

Attend the pre-launch event and get massive discounts
If you are interested in getting a flat at Inz Apartments then you can simply fill up the form at to get an appointment and all people who attend the event will be eligible for a discount. The VVIP prelaunch preview of the apartments will be available to only select people so you need to register as soon as possible to make the most of the opportunity and you
can also indicate your interest for whichever units you are interested in. The event will allow you to have a close up look at the apartments and know what you can expect if you choose to make Inz Residences your next home and the interactive session will allow you to clarify any doubts that you have regarding the apartments.
Study your brochure carefully before any purchase
If you want plans for the 495 residential units that are on offer then you can simply use the following link for requesting a brochure.
You will need to fill up a form and you will be mailed a detailed list of all everything you need to know about Inz Residences. The brochure is completely free and you do not need to pay anything for it So what are your waiting for, get your brochure today and see what’s on offer at Inz Residences. Make sure you fill up the form to be invited for the pre-launch event and experience the beauty of Inz Residences before everyone else.

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