How To Find The Right Tax Representative

When you are involved in a major tax issue with the IRS, the best thing you can do to improve your situation is to hire a professional to represent you. Although there are many who can represent you in an Internal Revenue Service audit, you need to make sure that the one you choose is qualified to handle your case.

Certified Public Accountants

CPAs not only prepare financial statements and file your return, but they can also plan your budget (or your business’s) for future periods to help you maximize profit, minimize costs, and save on taxes.

They provide a big help if your tax situation is complex because they can help you track the source of your tax problems and give you advice on how to avoid similar problems in the future. If you want to know more about the tax representatives, then you can also visit

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However, most CPAs focus their expertise on the financial statements of the individual or the company that hired them so they may not be the best representatives if you need help with IRS problems.

This is because accountants usually lack the legal background, the familiarity of the law and experience to represent you in a tax dispute competently.

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are experts in taxation although some of them focus their specialty on certain areas of the law so they are worth consulting if you have tax problems.

It is a requirement for them to have worked in the IRS for some time as auditors and to take and pass a written exam concerning federal tax laws. Enrolled agents should also pass background checks to guarantee that their conduct befit that of someone authorized to practice before the IRS.

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