How Saber Draft will benefit your farm

Saber Draft reduces the complexity of sorting / preparation with highly reliable automated two-way or three-way sorting gate which identifies and guides the animals that need to be sorted.

Explore this link to know more about the drafting gates which are offered online. 

Your draft Saber useful software is portable and can be used to schedule the draft – not only when you are in the pit, but when you are on the page as well, and still has a strong, reliable same gate that you know.

Integrating with Heat Saber, Saber SCC, milk Saber and Saber ID, portable software can be controlled through the application on your smart device (phone or tablet).

  • Automatic three-way sorting / gate drafting takes the hassle of sorting
  • Easy-to-use software designed for your smart device (Apple or Android)
  • The flexibility around scheduling kinds – applications to the living room and the application to the paddock
  • animal list automatically synced with Saber Herd

  • simple reports – reports the preparation of life, the animals lost and animals are sorted
  • Easy to use with a low level of computer literacy and training needed to get the system up and running on your farm
  • Remote control for instant preparation

These days, with the easy availability of sorting gates, you can find drating gates online

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