Different Kinds of Trash Bags

Litter, waste, garbage – all this is solved through the garbage bags are very helpful. Yes, garbage bags may seem very simple but imagine a world without them – dirt in the chaos, the houses will smell, the garbage mess everywhere.

Nowadays, it is very easy to set up any garbage, whether it is biodegradable, non-biodegradable or recyclable. It is also very useful to have a litter liner fitted to any size that does not surround the trash bins inside straight to the trash. It gives less dirt, less odor, and maintains a clean litter.

If you are looking for trash bags, then you can also browse https://oxplastics.com/. Although garbage bags may seem to look the same for most people, there are three main types of it that bring a variety of uses:

Here are the main types of garbage bags:

1. Biodegradable

Some trash bags are made of “plastic film” biodegradable. This makes the plastic decomposes into carbon dioxide and water when exposed to air, sunlight, moisture, and microorganisms, but it is not easy in a sealed landfill.

2. Low Density

Low density highly bags garbage bags stronger and more resistant to tearing and water. although they do not hold as much weight as high-density garbage bags, they are much stretchable and can create a larger space for content that needs to be linked, such as shredded paper.

3. High Density

High-density garbage bags have exceptional strength and durability best to carry heavy materials. they are thicker than low-density garbage bags and feature a better puncture resistance for greater load capacity.

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