Basic Queries Related To History Of Tap Dance

Tap Dance is a very famous and stylish dance form. In this type of dance special kind of shoes are used. It may also be described as a term of creating a unique tapping sound with the help of metal plates called taps.

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Tap dance has a unique history. It was created by African-American slaves as an inspiration for the current art form. Initially, metal taps were not used and one of the most famous movie dance routines was a tap dance routine.

Where did tap dance come from?

Tap dance is a mixture of various dance cultures. It was started by African-American slaves in America. They used their hands and feet to make music because they were not allowed to play African drums.

What did tap dancers do before metal plates were available?

Wooden clogs were used. Wooden clogs were worn by the dancers on leather shoes.

Who were some of the earliest famous tap dancers?

Bill “Bo Jangles” Robinson was one of the first well-known tap dancers. He began dancing professionally at the age of 6.

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