Acupuncture and Fertility – Can Acupuncture Aid In Fertility?

Before thinking about using some of the assisted reproductive technology or a variety of fertility drugs, you should consider acupuncture as well. It is far less popular than other ordinary fertility treatments, but it started to get more attention as research shows the relationship between fertility and acupuncture. Get to know more about medical acupuncture via reading online.

Acupuncture is different from conventional medical treatment that is focused on the individual. Everyone has different problems with pregnancy and the man or woman who is different will have different fertility problems. Acupuncture has a highly individualized holistic approach that focuses on each symptom for a higher chance to get pregnant the natural way.

Basics of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and consists of the introduction of tiny needles into specific pressure points in different parts of the body. Fertility enhanced by restoring stability in qi (life energy) of the body to remove the blockage in the twelve main meridians of the body. Meridian is similar to blood vessels, but they carry qi instead of blood.

An individual believed to be in a good physical condition when all twelve meridians carry a balanced easily flow of qi. On the other hand, essential qi blockage can cause severe health problems, including infertility.

Acupuncture and Female Fertility

A number of studies on acupuncture analyze the effect on female fertility. As is widely known, acupuncture strengthens and normalizes the blood supply to the uterus and ovaries, thereby promoting regular ovulation

Before starting the acupuncture treatment, you need to inform your therapist about your monthly cycle and symptoms, because acupuncture treatments are scheduled based on the stage of your period. You have a higher chance of successful treatment in the case of a correct prediction of ovulation or early luteal phase.

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