Best Way to Display Business Intelligence Data?

If you are working on the development of business intelligence solutions for clients, stop and ask yourself: What kind of people who will use this data? What I know about my intended audience? If the answer is that you do not know very much, then maybe you need to take a step back and consult with your client before determining the best course of action.

In the long term, showing off for the sake of showing off to develop something that is striking and eye-catching power was not impressed at all. As a developer or designer, you may find yourself thinking that the dynamic solution you are working on will be impressive if delivered to you, but remember – it’s about what looks good and what is obvious to them.

Spare your time. Know your audience. Know what they are looking for before you dive headfirst into what could be a dangerous waters. BI reporting tools are not necessary the most intelligent of the flashiest; they are people who give you a strong recommendation and a place among your client partners the most respectable.

That’s not a cop-out, and it was not down the problem; it’s the truth. Different audiences will interpret the data visualization in a variety of ways.

For a doctor or someone who works in an architectural firm, three-dimensional data analysis possibilities norm. They’ve been through years of school to hone their senses and explore the world of 3D imaging. It’s a new thing for them, and they are likely to succeed in those fields because their brains work in a particular way in the first place.

For others – account executives, project managers, accountants, etc. – something that two or more basic dimensions may be the way to go. That is not to say that these people are less intuitive or less intelligent than the 3D crowd by any means, but their brains may only be used to process the data in different ways. Both groups had the intuition analytical in various fields of their work are likely to be lost on each other. Different industries, different thought … different actions for data visualization.