Animal Removal: Is This The Answer To Your Problems?

There are many types of pests that can cause problems for humans. Some of these pests require special training to eliminate animals, and others you can handle yourself. However, it is important to be told about what you are facing, and what the choices are.

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If your problem is with pets on your property, you are legally permitted to trap these animals and hand them over to the local animal shelter. Human traps can be hired from shelters in many cases, to catch wild animals. However, you must release wild animals that you accidentally catch in the trap, returning to the same area.

Stray cats can be a problem in some areas. You are allowed to trap these cats and take them to animal shelters, but they will almost certainly be euthanized there because they cannot be adopted.

Wild animals can be more complicated. In many places, removing wild animals from your property is illegal unless they meet certain conditions as a nuisance. This requirement may not have the same definition of interference as you, so pay attention if you consider this.

When it is legal to exclude wild animals, the process of capturing and transporting must generally be completed by a licensed pest control agent.