5 Reasons Why Super Cheap IT’s Remote Computer Help is Better Than a Store’s!

If you’re stuck, flailing about in a quicksand mire of error messages, confusing forum posts, unexpected challenges and walkthroughs that somehow become stumbling blocks, you definitely need computer help!

So what makes our super-cheap computer support through remote problem solving systems better than a run-of-the-mill computer shop? Lots of things!

1. Remote Computer Problem Solving is INSTANT

No need to book a day, package up your computer, drive to the store or bring it back. You don’t need to do so much as unplug your mouse. Just pick up the phone and yell ‘HELP!’ to one of our technical support staff.

2. Learn to Solve Your Own Problems

At the shop, you’ll never really know what they did to fix your problem. Even if the service is cheap, you may well have to go back again and again. With our remote support, you can watched while we work and see exactly what to do for next time. This saves money in the long run!

3. It’s Cheap!

We don’t need to maintain a shopfront, drive to your house, or cover the cost of many other traditional overheads. That means your help computer support is CHEAP!

4. We Can Work Together

You know exactly what your problem is. Our expertise works together with your expertise of your own problem. Along with remote support, we can solve the issue much faster! This teamwork helps make the service cheap.

5. It Means You Don’t Need In-House IT Support

For small businesses, the decision to have an in-house IT person is a costly one. With remote support through Super Cheap IT, you never need to make that decision!

At SuperCheap IT, we are very different to a traditional computer shop. We do all the same things … but we come in a very different package! In the end, it’s a package that is much simpler, safer, smarter and more cost effective.

We are living in the Age of Technology. Don’t choose to have your computer repairs done Dark Ages-style!

Let us fix your technical problems while you sit back and relax